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Survey reveals high cost of equipment failure

The costs and challenges associated with electronic asset failures are significant. To better understand these issues, Innovolt, a provider of intelligent electronics protection and asset management technology, sponsored a survey of executives from several industries that are particularly dependent upon the reliability, performance, and lifespan of sensitive electronic equipment. 

The study, conducted by Gatepoint Research, sheds new light on the challenges that businesses face with an emphasis on the problems caused by power quality fluctuations and the true costs related to equipment issues requiring service calls. A sample of the key findings includes:

° Almost a fifth of respondents report that 25%t of their assets require service each month while 4 out of 10 must service 16 percent or more of their assets each month.

° That adds up. 73% of companies with more than 1,000 electronic assets deployed report that each service call costs at least US$150.

° Seventy-five percent of companies report that it takes more than an hour to bring downed equipment back online with an alarming 20% of companies reporting it takes more than 24 hours.  

° Nine out of 10 respondents identify decreased customer satisfaction as the most critical ramification of electronic asset downtime.

° Ninety-three percent cite the rising costs of servicing electronic equipment as a challenge.

° Seventy-seven percent of executives say that predictive maintenance is a trend that will impact their ability to grow. Seventy-three percent cite the importance of remote diagnostics as well.

The survey, which was conducted during the fall of 2013, included nearly 100 executives from several industries — gaming, office equipment, self-service kiosks, retail and others — all of which rely on the uptime of electronic assets. For more info go to

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