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With version 5.5, Undercover meets Mavericks


Orbicule has released Undercover 5.5, a new version of Undercover that was designed for the OS X Mavericks. The update also adds Debriefings with monthly notifications about the Mac’s Undercover status and including tips on how to improve recovery chances.

Version 5.5 has the ability to track a stolen Mac in real-time: the web interface allows users to instantly snap and view mugshots of the thief whenever their stolen Mac is online. The same goes for screenshots and location information, allowing users and law enforcement to follow stolen Macs live.

In addition, Undercover 5.5 has keylogging, revealing everything a thief is typing on the stolen Mac, including his Facebook or Twitter account names, social security numbers, contact information, etc. Orbicule has also introduced Debriefings. These monthly notifications inform the user about the protection status of his Mac and include personalized tips and tricks on how to increase the recovery chances even more. Current recovery rates with Undercover are about 85%, Debriefings will increase this number even further.

Undercover requires OS X Snow Leopard or higher. It costs US$49 for a single user license or $59 for a household license (five Macs). Student pricing is $39.

Version 5.5 is a free upgrade for all Undercover 5 users. Older versions of Undercover can upgrade for $19. For more info go to .

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