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Ten One Design offers interchangeable tips for the Pogo Connect

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Ten One Design Bluetooth 4.0 stylus, is outfitting their famed Pogo Connect, a Bluetooth stylus, with a new line of magnetically interchangeable tips.

The Pogo Connect features patent-pending Crescendo sensor technology, making the smart stylus highly responsive to pressure and able to recognize the slightest touch, requiring zero activation force or calibration, according to the folks at Ten Design. With Pogo Connect’s new magnetically interchangeable tips, users can digitally paint brush strokes, while this precise technology measures the number of bristles that trace the touchscreen.

Ten One Design’s line of magnetic tips for Pogo Connect is available in four package options, with either traditional rubber tips or brushes for more advanced painting simulation. Prices range from US$9.95 to $29.95.

To support the new line of interchangeable tips, users can download Ten One Design’s free supporting Pogo Connect companion iOS app to pair their iPad to the stylus. Also, you can complete your artistic experience with ArtRage, a newly updated iOS app, now featuring support for Pogo Connect. For more info go to .

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