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FuzzMeasure for OS X gets overhauled audio engine


SuperMegaUltraGroovy has released FuzzMeasure 3.3 (, an update to the company’s audio and acoustics measurement package for Mac OS X. This release offers many general improvements, including a major overhaul of its audio engine, as well as improvements to the Waterfall plug-in.

FuzzMeasure is an audio and acoustic measurement tool for audio and live-sound professionals. It provides a range of options for visualizing measurement results.

The audio engine improvements in FuzzMeasure 3.3 open the doors to enabling stimulus playback over multiple channels at once, says Chris Liscio, founder of SuperMegaUltraGroovy. In addition, the engine has been improved in such a way that audio delay values between measurements have been stabilized greatly and improve comparisons between multiple records when not using automatic correction, he adds.

FuzzMeasure 3.3 is a free update for customers running 3.0 and later. FuzzMeasure 3.3 costs US$150 for new users, and $75 for users upgrading from 2.0 or earlier. FuzzMeasure 3.3 requires OS X 10.6 or higher.

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