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JAMF Software releases Casper Suite 9

JAMF Software has announced new Apple enterprise management capabilities with Casper Suite 9, a management tool for large-scale enterprise deployments of Apple technologies.

Using the Casper Suite, organizations are able to manage increasing numbers of Apple devices, whether they use Mac computers or iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. Casper Suite 9 introduces capabilities designed to help organizations scale globally, while enhancing the user experience for IT administrators and end-users alike through the Casper Suite’s redesigned web interface and intuitive Self Service management tool, according to Zach Halmstad, founding partner at JAMF. The new release also introduces additional capabilities designed to leverage cloud services for distribution of software and content.

Casper Suite 9 provides organizations with expanded capabilities to customize the user experience for multiple audiences. With language localization, site-specific administrator privileges, and a beautifully revamped web interface that is optimized for the user’s device, Casper Suite 9 can be configured to provide a simpler experience that is customizable for the specific needs of users, says Halmstad. More than 100 of the new features within the upgrade originated as feature requests from the JAMF Nation user community.

Casper Suite 9 is available immediately as a free upgrade for all Casper Suite customers with current support and license agreements. Prospective customers interested in purchasing the Casper Suite may contact JAMF Software to receive a personalized demo or begin an evaluation. For more info go to .

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