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Passwarden 2.0 adds auto-login, in-app iOS browser


DAR Software has its brought password manager for iOS and Mac to a new level by implementing in-app browser, auto-login and auto-save capabilities with Passwarden 2.0.

The Mac version now features a series of extensions for popular Mac browsers. Passwarden is a digital wallet for different types of personal information, keeping all information encrypted and under protection of the master password.

What’s more, the tabbed browser, embedded into Passwarden iPhone and iPad apps offers web-surfing experience, which eliminates the need to switch over to the native Safari browser, once the user is done with security sites.    

Passwarden apps are distributed free of charge, provide certain evaluation options and offer pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows users with different needs to pay for the services they use when they need them. They’re available at the Apple App Store for iOS and the Mac App Store for OS X.

They come pre-packed with one month of free synchronization and 10 slots for each device registered under the user account. Packages of additional slots and synchronization plans are available via in-app purchases and start at US$0.99. For more info go to .

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