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Excel Software announces PluginProtect Photoshop

Excel Software has announced PluginProtect Photoshop 1.0 for Photoshop Plugin developers on Mac and Windows. It consists of source code and instructions to embed the QuickLicense runtime in a Photoshop plugin.  

All protection, activation and licensing capabilities in the QuickLicense system are available to the plugin. Developers can protect plugins from piracy and increase revenue by supporting a wide range of license types, activation processes and advanced licensing features, according to the folks at Excel.

PluginProtect Photoshop is used with QLRT Xcode on Mac OS X or QuickLicense on Windows. The developer configures all aspects of the software license with QuickLicense and builds a tiny encrypted Ticket file. That Ticket file is bound to the plugin with a function call.  

PluginProtect Photoshop is free for registered owners of QuickLicense 6. It includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for any number of protected plugins or licenses.  The package includes a PDF user guide, source code and demonstration video. For more info go to .

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