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Kool Tools: Tripp Lite ECO-SURGE Suppressor

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Tripp Lite has introduced a new energy-saving surge protector, the ECO-SURGE SK10TG Surge Suppressor. The new surge suppressor features a timer that cuts power to connected devices, preventing energy-wasting phantom loads.

Phantom loads occur when a device connected to an outlet continues to draw power even when it is turned off, a common occurrence when devices such as cell phones, MP3 players and tablets are left plugged in overnight to charge.

The new ECO-SURGE provides surge protection for everything from expensive portable electronics to household items like coffee makers, lamps and fans. It can also help keep homes safer by automatically shutting off power to potentially dangerous devices such as irons, space heaters and curling irons.

The ECO-SURGE SK10TG Surge Suppressor — which costs about US$15 — has a 350 joule rating. It’s direct plug-in design saves space; it doesn’t block the bottom outlet when it’s plugged into the top outlet. Two diagnostic LEDs report status conditions. For more info go to .

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