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Slickwraps expands into the case market

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Slickwraps is expanding their line to include protective, customizable cases. The idea behind the case is to allow consumers the ability to customize the look of their device with skins, while providing the durable protection of a hard card, CEO Jonathan Endicott says.

The Case features a recessed back, allowing customers to interchange the style and color of their case with removable inserts. In addition to the case and back insert, most styles will also include a front wrap and sidepieces to completely customize the iPhone 5. The Case itself has a one-millimeter front lip for screen protection, as well as textured rubber sides to enhance grip. 

Along with their popular vinyl Wood, Color, Brushed Metal, Glow-in-the-Dark and Camo Series, Slickwraps is also introducing natural materials into their line. The Natural Series will include real wood, leather and cork. For more info go to .

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