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Anker releases universal external battery

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Anker has introduced the second generation Astro3 external battery, now available at for US$49.99 with an accessory bag included. The flask-sized device packs a 12,000mAh battery that can charge to up to three mobile devices simultaneously.

The external battery pack has three USB ports, including a Smart Port that identifies the type of device that is plugged in and then adjusts to deliver its fastest charge speed. The second generation Astro3 is the first to feature a single port that can offer full-speed, fast charges to both iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, according to the folks at Anker.

The two additional ports offer universal charging for Android phones at maximum speed and are also compatible with iPhones and other 5V USB-charging devices. The Astro3 can deliver six to seven full charges for most smartphones. For more info go to .

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