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Paradiga Software updates its Valentina tools

Paradigma Software has released database and reports tool, Valentina Studio 5.3 and the enterprise reports and database server, Valentina Server 5.3, for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Valentina Studio lets you manage, query and administer databases including MySQL, Postgre, SQLite and Valentina DB. Valentina DB 5.2 ADK allows developers to build applications with XCode /Cocoa, LiveCode, C/C++ and all major development environments and more. With Version 5.3:

° You can now find and replace within SQL Results.

° The Schema Editor shows groups with Related objects for selection on Diagrams.

° The Query Builder can now set an alias for tables.

° There are Undo/Redo operations for Query Builder.

° Query Builder can use Views to generate queries.

° You can directly copy records from tables to CSV or SQL.

° There are improved language highlights with PostgreSQL

Valentina Studio is free; Valentina Studio Pro adds SQLDIFF, Report Designer and other advanced features for US$199.Valentina Server and also the developer products, Valentina Reports ADK and Valentina DB ADK, were also updated with all underlying fixes and improvements. For more info go to .

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