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HELIOS announces iPad Document Hub

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HELIOS Software has announced the iPad Document Hub, a solution for the enterprise that enables secure corporate file server access from iPads and iPhones. With security, functionality, and performance beyond any cloud-sync app or remote access solutions like VPN or FTP, businesses can now provide a secure, productive, and user-friendly experience to remote mobile users, according to Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO of HELIOS.

“The new HELIOS iPad Document Hub app is the perfect solution for business environments of any scale that want to share files and documents with mobile users in a secure manner,” he says. “With powerful Spotlight search capability, auto-syncing, and fast directory browsing, authorized users can find files on their company servers in seconds, while maintaining enterprise grade file server security.”

HELIOS iPad Document Hub integrates with the HELIOS WebShare file server application, running on any  company file server. Authorized remote users can access the server via web browser, or use the iOS native iPad Document Hub app to enable file transfers with iPad or iPhone, and file exchange with other iOS apps.

Files can be downloaded for offline usage, forwarded by e-mail, printed via AirPrint, or shared with other apps for modification or local use. It is also possible to receive files from other apps and upload them to the company file server. Flexible document syncing makes HELIOS iPad Document Hub the perfect tool for sharing project files for collaboration, or to securely provide documents to company executives, according to Tschemernjak. Additional uses include pushing current marketing files to field staff and customers, or to develop custom solutions for distributing documents.

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