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ZAGG launches the Origin two-in-one sound system


ZAGG has released the Origin, a two-in-one sound system that combines a desktop speaker and portable speaker into one unit.

The Origin’s travel-size speaker offers crisp, high-fidelity sound on-the-go, and works with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or device, including Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android, according to Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of marketing for ZAGG. The portable speaker connects magnetically to the larger desktop speaker where sound output is transferred.

With full battery power, the portable speaker purportedly offers 10-15 hours of continuous play and is recharged when docked. The Origin’s desktop speaker provides room-filling sound with full dynamic range and rich, deep bass, says Wuthrich. Powerful audio drivers allow the volume to increase without losing sound clarity or quality. he adds. The Origin comes complete with a remote control and USB ports for auxiliary use.

Available online at and ZAGG retail locations, the Origin speaker system retails for US$249.99. The Origin is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For more info visit the Origin page at .

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