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PandaWare for Mac OS X receives update to version 9.0.5


The PandaWare Company has updated TimeCache, its comprehensive Macintosh time and expense billing application, to version 9.0.5. The update includes improvements to report and invoice display, and some bug fixes.

TimeCache is available as a free download from The PandaWare Company’s Web site (, and can be used to save up to 20 days’ worth of data in trial mode. An US$70 license unlocks it for unlimited use.

Registered users of TimeCache 9.0 can update to version 9.0.5 for free automatically from within the application, or by downloading it from The PandaWare Company Web site. Other Mac OS X users can try PandaWare TimeCache 9.0.5 for free. Registered users of TimeCache 8.0 can upgrade for $40.

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