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Freeridecoding releases offline iPad PHP development tool


Freeridecoding has announced DraftCode 1.0, the first version of its new PHP development tool for the iPad.

The app features built-in code execution, allowing users to be creative on the iPad and start to develop PHP without requiring access to a server or the Internet, according to the gang at Freeridecoding. Users can send files from DraftCode to other iPad applications, like DropBox, and work on complex PHP projects that consist of multiple files and resources using DraftCode’s file workspace.

You can create and work on your PHP code in the code editor and execute it right from within DraftCode. DraftCode will show you the output either as rendered HTML, as it would appear in Safari, or as HTML source code for debugging purposes. DraftCode supports includes and links to different PHP files during execution and the use of POST and GET forms that access PHP pages in your workspace.

DraftCode 1.0 costs US$5.99 and is available at the Apple App Store in the Productivity category. For more info go to .

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