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Vitapoly releases iOS Social Framework ANE


Vitapoly has announced Social by vitapoly, a Social Framework AIR Native Extension for iOS.

The full native iOS Social, Accounts, MessageUI, and Twitter frameworks are now available as an AIR Native Extension, including new iOS 6.0 features such as activity sheets. You can now post messages to Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo from your app. Sending emails and SMS is also a breeze.

If you need to request something specific in the Twitter or Facebook API [application programming interface], you can use the low-level API, which comes with 50-plus classes and 300-plus methods. This ANE supports iOS, and implements the full iOS Social, Accounts, MessageUI, and Twitter frameworks.

It Requires iOS 6.0 SDK to build, but it can be used with iOS 4.3 and up on devices and iOS Simulator. Some functionalities are only available on iOS 6.0 and later. For more info go to .

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