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Apple benefits most from increase in mobile video growth


A new study from video monetization company FreeWheel ( reveals that the mobile video market grew from 2% in 2011, to 12% of overall online videos watched in 2012. The main benefactor is Apple, whose iOS mobile OS grew its share of total mobile video views to 60%, compared to Android’s 32% take of all mobile views, notes “TechCrunch” (

Both platforms experienced growth in terms of overall video viewing volume, with 30%growth in viewing of online videos on non-PC/Mac devices occurring between Q3 2012 and Q4 2012 alone. Apple’s strong lead is dues to its dominance in the tablet market, where FreeWheel says Android has yet to field a competitor that can truly make a dent in its overall share.

The iPad accounted for 24% of the overall iOS total, with the iPhone taking 30% and the iPod touch 6%. Apple stretched its lead over Android considerably between Q3 2012 and Q4 2012, which would suggest that the iPhone 5 in particular had a strong impact on mobile viewing, according to “TechCrunch.”

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