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Mac OS X software updates for Jan. 25


Here are the latest updates for Mac OS X apps:

SCSC ( has released an update for Scannerz. It includes full support for CoreStorage based file systems including fully encrypted volumes under Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8 as well as integrated support for Apple RAID configurations. Additional support has been added for hardware based RAID and more.

Magican Software ( has announced Magican 1.4, an update of the software that lets you carry out several basic operations in a floating window. The previous “Mini window” has now become a separate monitor to reduce CPU and memory usage. A new Optimizer has been added to manage startup items, set default programs and optimize settings.

Ambiera ( has revved CopperCube, which lets you create interactive 3D screens without programming, to version 4. It adds a particle system, customizable loading screens and more.

GreenworldSoft ( has given us version 2.5 of Sync Folders Pro, which synchronizes any number of folders on the fly at the same time when there are changes, or connecting external drives at a set time or manually. It’s a maintenance update.

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