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BuQu Tech unveils Magnetyze Magnetic Charging System

Android platform and Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone users can now share a charge with iPhone users with BuQu Tech’s ( launch of the first in a family of Magnetyze magnetic charging accessories for Android.

Magnetyze by BuQu Tech applies patent-pending magnetics technology to keep smartphones charged and synchronized. When the magnetic charging system for the Samsung Galaxy S III is available in late January, Magnetyze will purportedly become the first charging platform to enable Android and iPhone users to share a charger.

When it’s time to upgrade to a new smartphone, only the Magnetyze protective cover or back plate needs to be replaced. The desk stand, magnetic charging cable and other Magnetyze-branded accessories will continue to work with any available

The system announced today will be available at the end of the month for purchase at in US$59.99 and $69.99 version. Both bundles include a magnetic cable and the Magnetyze desk charging stand with 360-degree viewing rotation.

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