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Mac OS X software updates for Dec. 18


Here are the latest updates for Mac OS X apps:

Kdan Mobile ( has released an update for Animation Desk, software that lets users perform hand-drawn animations in a digital way. Version 1.2 is a maintenance update.

Tension Software ( has revved Data Extractor, which allows you to extract data from files and collect them ready to be exported for later use, to version 1.2. The upgrade offers: Adjustable Keys and column order in the extraction database; better undo management; improved design layout; new, modern look toolbar icons; and an improved run report.

Equinux has updated SongGenie (, a software application designed to analyze, detect and label music data, to version 2.2.3. The upgrade adds support for the new Gatekeeper security feature in Mountain Lion.

uTorrent (, a lightweight BitTorrent client, has rolled to version 1.8.1. The upgrade fixes several issues.

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