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Wunderlist 2 available for the Mac, iPhone, other devices


6Wunderkinder has announced Wunderlist 2. Available for free on Mac OS X, iOS, Windows and the Android OS, it’s a cross platform, cloud based productivity app with such features as Cloud Sync, Reminders and more.

Wunderlist 2 has now been rebuilt in an all new native apps on all major devices. The switch to native apps guarantees you will experience a lightning fast and a seriously stable performance no matter what and how many different devices you are using throughout the day, according to says Christian Reber, founder and CEO, 6Wunderkinder. It also allows the development team to accurately scale and roll out updates on a regular basis, he adds.

Along with the added new features the user interface of Wunderlist 2 has been completely reworked to be even simpler, yet more intelligent. To create your own Wunderlist 2 account go to .

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