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Matrox Thunderbolt docking stations released


Matrox says its Matrox DS1 series of Thunderbolt docking stations are now available in the U.S.. They’re designed especially for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

From a single Thunderbolt connection, users can add multiple peripherals including either a large DVI or an HDMI display, a full-size keyboard, and a mouse. A gigabit Ethernet port provides connectivity to a wired corporate network, enabling data transfers that are reportedly18 times faster than Wi-Fi.

The Thunderbolt docking stations sport one USB USB 3.0 port (located on the front of the unit), two USB 2.0 ports, a microphone input, and a speaker/headphone output. Two versions are offered, one for use with DVI monitors and another for use with HDMI displays.
Priced at US$249, Matrox DS1/DVI and Matrox DS1/HDMI are now available in the Americas. Worldwide availability is scheduled for early January. For more information go to .

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