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Tokens is new promo code developing tool for the Mac


Padraig Kennedy and Oisin Prendiville have announced Tokens for Mac, a new tool to help iOS and Mac developers generate, share, and track promo codes.

Developers use App Store promo codes to provide advance copies of their apps to media contacts or to give away copies of their apps in promotions. This has always been a notoriously awkward task, so Kennedy and Prendiville say they’ve streamlined the entire process with this sleek new app.

Tokens is free for developers to use with one of their apps. The full version (US$29) allows them to generate, share and track promo codes for all their apps across all their developer accounts. A corporate license ($199) allows all members of one organization to use Tokens. The developers are offering a $100 discount on this price until Nov. 27. For more info go to .

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