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Griffin shipping PowerJolt SE, a Lightning accessory


Griffin Technology ( is shipping the PowerJolt SE, their first Lightning accessory for Apple’s new 8-pint dock connector. The US$24.99 accessory brings Lightning charging to the car.

The PowerJolt SE provides a solution for consumers looking to charge and protect their devices. Sporting a low-profile 12 volt accessory outlet and a 10 watt charging circuit, it charges new iOS devices quickly and safely, according to Scott Naylor, director of Product Development at Griffin Technology. 

A durable coiled cable with Apple’s Lightning connector stretches up to four feet and an LED power indicator light glows white when the PowerJolt SE is properly connected and ready to charge. With its built-in, self-resetting SmartFuse, PowerJolt SE guards against power fluctuations as it charges. It can be purchased immediately at .

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