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pdfaPilot for OS X flies to version 4


Callas Software ( has updated pdfaPilot to veresion 4. It adds support for the new PDF/A-3 standard, the PDF/UA standard for accessibility, export of PDF to EPUB for mobile publishing, process plans and more.

pdfaPilot is for users working in archives, public authorities, and enterprises. Available as a standalone product plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, it’s designed for users who need to quickly check whether existing PDF documents can be archived as PDF/A.

pdfaPilot allows users to save existing PDF files as PDF/ A-compliant files at the touch of a button. The CLI version can be integrated into server-based digital workflow systems as a tool for verifying, optimizing, and converting PDF/A files.
callas pdfaPilot 4 is available immediately and comes in two versions.

callas pdfaPilot Server 4 is on the market at 4.499 Euro and offers both hot folder automation and close integration through a CLI interface and a full SDK. It also provides multi-processor support for checking and fixing PDF/A files.

callas pdfaPilot 4 is available for approximately $492. It works on single documents or — using its batch functionality — on complete folders at a time. A demo is available at .

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