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Mac OS X software updates for Oct. 24


Here are the latest updates for Mac OS X apps:

Maintain ( has served up Cocktail 6.2 (Mountain Lion Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Mac. This version adds ability to disable Notification Center, ability to set the default file save location in iCloud supported applications and ability to set the Software Update frequency. The update also contains other improvements and bug fixes.

Presenta has revved iGetter, its download manager and accelerator, to version 2.9.1. The new version adds support for the OS X built-in quarantine function and offers improved integration with the Chrome web browser.

TechSmith ( has released Camtasia 2.2.2, an update of the screen recording and editing solution for the Mac. The new version offers improved quality of the table of contents thumbnail images and more.

Dropbox ( 1.5.37, an update of the app that creates a special Finder folder that automatically syncs online and between your computers, is a maintenance update with some bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Reinvented Software ( has announced Feeder 2.3.5, a new version of the application for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds. It’s also maintenance update with some bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Markzware ( has revved FlightCheck to version 6.90 with support of Adobe Creative Suite 6. Markzware FlightCheck isa preflight used by printers, publishers and creative professionals to check native files for printing problems and to ensure printing quality by preflighting.

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