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CineFlare Nostalgia Released for Final Cut Pro X


Noise Industries has introduced CineFlare Nostalgia to FxFactory. It offers Final Cut Pro X editors a package of effects and generators that add a vintage look to any project.

Three different customizable elements include retro color effects, lens flares and vintage slide vignettes. Nostalgia also offers parameters to fine-tune effects.

Editors can choose from a series of presets or make adjustments themselves. With a multitude of parameters to fine-tune effects, adjustments are simple to make while still offering a comprehensive set of controls.

CineFlare Nostalgia — available now ( for US$49 — feature effects include: Vintage Color Effects (a collection of 10 color presets to choose from, these color effects instantly add a retro feel to footage); Flare Builder (users can add lens flares to footage, adjusting color, contrast, grain and opacity for the desired look), Retro Slide Vignettes (with four different slide effects, editors can add vignettes to frames for the slide look of the past) and Vintage Creator Effect (editors can design their own looks by simply choosing which colorcast to add and adjusting intensity, gamma and contrast).

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