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Apple rumors: iPad mini, Apple financials, more


Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“Apple’s new Mac mini and iMac lines will feature price-points that are similar to those of their current models (depending on country). The three Mac mini models will likely be priced at the same $599, $799, and $999 for the two standard models and single server model, respectively.” — “9to5Mac” (

“Activation figures from Verizon show that sales of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 were relatively strong prior to the launch of the iPhone 5, suggesting Apple’s September quarter could be stronger than expected.” — “AppleInsider” (

“A little-known enthusiast website has cited a source that was accurate on the launch date of the iPhone 5, and this time has predicted that the iPad mini — which is likely to be unveiled in a press event on October 23 — will debut in the US and a handful of other countries on November 2, with pre-orders opening a week prior.” — “MacNN” (

”How many iPhones were sold last quarter? Analysts’ estimates compiled by Fortune are all over the place, leading to a median forecast of 27 million.” — “CNN” (

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