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Apple changing its iPhone strategy in India


Apple is changing the way it sells iPhones in India, where it has a small market share despite the fact the South Asian nation is among the fastest-growing wireless markets in the world, reports “India RealTime” (

Apple doesn’t run branded retail stores in the countries because local regulations make that difficult. So far the company has sold the iPhone through Indian telecom providers, who bundle the phones with data services.

Now Apple will begin selling the iPhone through specialized distribution companies in an attempt to reach a wider audience, “especially Indians who live in thousands of smaller towns,” says “India RealTime.” The company has enlisted the local operations of Ingram Micro, a large U.S.-based distributor of technology, and Redington (India), a distributor with 12,000 smaller partners across India, the article adds. Redington confirmed to “India RealTime” that it’s has added iPhones to the list of Apple products it’s selling in India.

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