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New Take Control ebook reveals details about Safari

A new “Take Control of Safari 6” ebook by Mac expert, Sharon Zardetto, is filled with explanations of new Safari 6 features, including the enhanced Reading List and AutoFill preferences. Zardetto also supplies advice on ways to customize the Safari environment and teaches key browsing techniques.

Readers of “Take Control of Safari 6” will learn how to:

° Load any link into a new tab or window, or into a Reading List;

° Organize an enormous bookmark collection;

° Unearth a previously visited Web page, even it’s not bookmarked or
in the Reading List;

° Read a multi-page, ad-ridden article in a reader-friendly layout;

° Prevent snoops from tracking where they’ve been on the Web;

° Update a password that Safari has stored;

° Learn how to make Safari fill in most forms automatically;

° Expand too-small text fields for easier typing and editing;

° Add pages to the Reading List for later perusal, whether online or
offline, and even on a separate device;

° Block ads, zoom images, show passwords as you type, and more with
helpful Safari extensions.

The 136-page ebook costs US$10, and it is available now at .

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