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iBike rolls out new iPhone 5 products

iBike has two new products for the iPhone 5: the iBike Dash CC 5TM cycling computer and iBike Phone Booth 5 bike case and mount.  Both sport Bluetooth 4 bike sensor technology to track speed and cadence and water resistance to protect your Apple smartphone from the elements.  
Made in the U.S.A., the iBike Phone Booth 5 will be available in November and the iBike Dash CC 5 Cycling Computer will be available in December. All iBike Dash products for earlier iPhone and iPod touch models will continue to be available.  
The iBike Phone Booth 5 case & mount for iPhone 5 is available now for pre-order, priced at US$49.95 at or at .
Available in December, the iBike Dash CC cycling computer for iPhone 5 is available now for pre-order priced at $99.95 at or, and will also be available for purchase in late November at Apple Stores or Apple online. 

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