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MyGoFlight releases iPad Jet Mount kits


MyGoFlight has announced new iPad Jet Mount Kits. They’re compatible with the Apple Smart Cover.

The Kits for jets and turbo prop airplanes can be obtained online from the company at or at one of the company’s retailers.

The mounts attach to the yoke and are available for Gulfstream, Boeing, LearJet, Beech Jets, TBM, and Pilatus airplanes. They’re not permanent and don’t require tools to install, which means that they don’t quire an STC for their use.

The Jet Mount Kits can be installed by the pilot and are made of adjustable, lightweight machined aluminum. They allow the iPad to rotate and tilt. Rotation allows viewing approach plates and airport diagrams in portrait mode, enroute charts in landscape.

For more information on iPad Jet Mounts or to have a model developed for your airplane, go to .

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