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PulpFX Wedding is new plug-in for Final Cut Pro, Motion


Aquafadas and Noise Industries have teamed up for PulpFX Wedding, a plug-in for Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion, and Adobe After Effects. It lets video professionals edit weeding videos for their clients thanks to a collection of various generators.

The PulpFX Wedding themes let users edit qualitative animated photo-montages, thanks to its ready-to-use layouts and animations. It has three weeding themes: a carousel, a weeding book, and a memories slideshow. Each theme has severals moods.

All the decorations and patterns can be customized to fit your event. You can set frame, size and opacity levels to each image, as well as add a title for each photo and time animations. In addition you can also associate several soundtracks to your image. PulpFX Wedding is available at for US$99.

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