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Apple leading manufacturer on Millennial Media platform


Millennial Media (, which specializes in mobile advertising and data, has released its “September 2012 Mobile Mix” report, the latest edition of its source for mobile device and OS trends. The September report found that Apple was the leading individual manufacturer on the Millennial Media platform with over 31% of all impressions, and the iPhone was the leading individual mobile device.

Samsung was the second leading manufacturer, and had eight different devices included in the Top 20 Mobile Phones on the Millennial Media platform. Combined, mobile devices from the two manufacturers made up over 50% of all mobile impressions.

The report also found 46% of all impressions on the Millennial Media platform were on the Android operating system, compared to 34% for iOS, 15% for the BlackBerry OS and 4% for Windows. The report also found that the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire were the top three tablets ranked by impressions, and all three tablets were in the top 20 overall mobile devices on the Millennial Media platform.

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