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NewMacgadgets introduces new iPad, iPhone products


NewMacgadgets ( has developed a line of security products for retailers and businesses that use the iPad and iPhone for display.

The iPad Security Dock, iPad Wall Mount Display, PAD-Lock, Credit Card Dock and iPhone 4 Security Base provide security and display capability for iOS devices. For example, with the introduction of the US$89.95 iPad Security Dock (pictured), newMacgadgets has replicated the Apple store look while providing additional features to secure the iPad.

The new iPad Wall Mount Display ($89.95) allows businesses to securely display the iPad on walls. The clear acrylic base provides an elegant display while the outer-frame secures the iPad in place preventing theft, according to the folks at newMacgadgets.

As another option to secure the iPad newMacgadgets has introduced PAD-Lock ($49.95), a light-weight aluminum stand that attaches to the outer corners of the iPad and is secured with a 7-foot security cable. This security solution allows for full mobility of the iPad. When not in use PAD-Lock works as a non-skid stand on the desktop or countertop.

The Credit Card Dock ($49.95) is yet another security solution for the iPad that targets retailers and exhibitors that use the Square credit card reader for processing payments. Similar in design to the iPad Security Dock, the Credit Card Dock provides a larger slot in the acrylic base for the Square plug-in.

To secure the iPhone 4 and 4S, newMacgadgets has rolled out the $49.95 iPhone 4 Security Base. Also similar in design to the iPad Security Dock, the new iPhone 4 Security Base holds  the iPhone 4 in a solid acrylic base that can attach to any hard surface. This product is the perfect complement to their iPad Security Dock.

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