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mySpot connects multiple devices with one Ethernet cable


Kanex has announced the US$59 mySpot, which offers a way to wirelessly connect multiple devices through any Ethernet port. It’s designed for travelers who experience unreliable Wi-Fi connections in hotel rooms and other locations.

mySpot provides a dependable and secure signal to multiple wireless devices all at the same time, according to Kanex President Kelvin Yan. “We realize that there are real connectivity problems for travelers and mobile users,” he says. “mySpot solves those challenges by offering a simple, compact wireless connection wherever Internet access is available.”

To use you pop out the USB connection and plug it into a USB power source. Connect the other end to an Ethernet/LAN cable and you’re ready to surf the web. You can use your laptop, iPad and other mobile devices simultaneously with mySpot.

It will be available in late September at and other online and retail partners. For more info go to .

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