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CruxSkunk transforms iPad into MacBook lookalike


CruxCase says a new CruxSkunk campaign now live on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects. It’s a rotating protective keyboard case for the iPad 2 and the new iPad, transforming the tablets into a MacBook lookalike “laptop.”

The CruxSkunk sports hinge technology, allowing the keyboard to rotate to multiple positions for typing, movie watching and portability. At 6mm, it’s the thinnest keyboard ever developed for the iPad, according to the folks at CruxCase.

The case is made with aircraft- grade aluminum. In addition, added foam padding in the case allows the iPad to stay in place and prevents scratches. The CruxShunk also features Bluetooth connectivity as well as a raised, full-sized QWERTY keyboard. The case comes with a built-in 350 mAH battery to power Bluetooth connectivity and will only need to recharge once a month depending on usage.

The CruxSkunk is currently available exclusively at Kickstarter is an US-based crowd funding website where the public is able to fund unique products by pre-ordering the product. The CruxSkunk case is available in a variety of levels with prices ranging from US$135 to $310 with delivery to begin in December. To place an order, go to .

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