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Parallels launches Apple-in-the-Workplace Barometer


Parallels has launched the Apple-in-the-Workplace Barometer, a crowd-sourced project for gauging where companies stand in terms of BYOD Mac adoption and support.
By answering a series of questions on the use of Apple devices at their companies and the level of support their IT departments provide, respondents will learn how well their companies are taking advantage of the BYOD trend and can compare their standings to other organizations. Based on their responses to the survey, users are placed in one of four quadrants — Laggards, Rookies, Players or Leaders — and receive a detailed report explaining their current position and a set of instructions on how to get Apple devices better implemented in their workplaces.  
To take the survey, see where your business stacks up, and gain access to a host of resources for learning about and implementing Macs in the enterprise, go to .

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