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Apple stock way up, Samsung stock way down


After Apple’s major legal victory against Samsung in the global patent fight, the former’s stock is way up and the latter’s stock is way done.

Apple stock soared to its highest prices of all time Monday after the company’s US$1 billion court victory against Samsung. Apple opened Monday at $679.99, 2.5% higher than Friday’s closing price, and moved as high as $680.87 in the first half-hour of the trading session. At that record price, Apple’s market cap — the total worth of all shares in the company — is $638.3 billion.

Meanwhile, Samsung shares slumped 7.5% on Monday. The company, which says it will contest the verdict, was ordered to pay $1.05 billion in damages after a California jury found it had copied critical features of the iPhone and iPad and could face an outright sales ban on some products.

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