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TMDTouch announces a touchscreen for the iMac


TMDTouch, a China-based company, has announced Zorro Macsk, which the company says is the world’s first touchscreen for the iMac.

According to the folks at TMDTouch, Zorro Macsk uses infrared technology to sense touch input so users can use input such as natural finger gestures or a stylus to swipe, scroll, click, zoom, and more. A protective film offered by TMDTouch protects the iMac from scratches and dust. The Zorro Mask is available on Amazon for US$199 in colors like pink, silver and black.

Purportedly, it doesn’t require any additional software to run. You attach the protective film to the iMac screen. Hold the Zorro Macsk with an angle greater than 45 degree and let it attach to the iMac completely. Plug the USB cable into the back of the iMac. Wait 10 seconds, and you get a touchscreen iMac, according to TMDTouch.

There’s no software to install. According to the designers, Zorro Macsk integrates the gesture recognition function of the Apple trackpad, you can switch screens, hide tasks, invoke tasks and more.

Presently, the Zorro Macsk is only available for the 21.5-inch iMac, but a 27-inch version is in the works. For more info go to .

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