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Parat Solutions announces Parasync for iPad transport case


Parat Solutions has released the US$980 Transport Case for Parasync iPad charge and synchronization docks.

The Parasync for iPad Transport Case accommodates 10 iPads, one Parasync dock (pictured), and a laptop. Designed to be shipped safely through air travel, FedEx and UPS, the durable exterior withstands inclement weather and the rigors of the road, according to Peter Jauss, director of sales at Parat Solutions ( To protect the devices from impact stress, the dense foam insert has a dedicated spot for each iPad device, the docking station, the laptop, and power supplies. Even extra cables or accessories can be stowed into the additional small compartment.

The case is equipped with an ambient pressure equalization valve, high quality latches, and an o-ring seal to make it watertight, airtight and dustproof. Weighing just 50 pounds when fully populated with an extendable handle and wheels, the case is easy to transport between locations, says Jauss.

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