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Satechi Headrest Mount for tablets now available


Satechi has released its Headrest Mount for 7-10-inch tablets. It’s compatible with most 7-10-inch tablets including the new iPad, Galaxy Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Headrest Mount is designed as a road trip accessory and child entertainment system for any vehicle. It attaches to the vehicle’s seat headrest and features an adjustment clip to hold the mount securely in place. The mount’s integrated rubber grips keeps the tablet stable while watching movies, playing games, reading and more. 

The Headrest Mount can be adjusted to accommodate a= backseat passenger’s preferred viewing angle including vertical, horizontal, and orbital positioning that adjusts around a dual ball-and-socket connection. Additionally, the mount can rotate 360 degrees allowing for both landscape and portrait viewing modes on the desired tablet.

The Satechi Headrest Mount is available now for US$39.99 at and .

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