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Skycore launches mobile-optimized email platform


Skycore LLC ( is adding mobile-optimized email services to their mobile marketing and commerce platform. Text, images and videos can be inserted into an email along with a dynamically generated, transaction-embedded, 2D barcode image including a logo and related text.

Each unique transaction code can be scanned directly on the mobile screen. The code can represent a mobile ticket, voucher, coupon or a student, member, patient or employee ID.
Through a point-and-click interface or developer APIs [application programming interfaces], clients can pass their own transaction IDs or have unique ID’s generated on-demand as part of the service. The resulting 2D barcode (QR Code or PDF-417) for each message is generated on the fly, combined with a custom logo and related text, and then inserted as a single image within the body of the email and also as an attachment.
The emails can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets or desktops. The emails can be printed at home.
“Our intention going forward is to support the mobile delivery of all transaction-embedded objects regardless of technology or operating system — whether it’s a barcode image on iOS, Android or Blackberry devices, an NFC token in a mobile wallet or a Pass in Apple’s Passbook on iOS 6,” says Skycore CEO Rich Eicher.
Skycore offers managed, co-managed and self-serve options on a cloud-based, SaaS platform. Additional services include an integrated mobile web site creator, analytics, campaign managers, database managers and APIs for third party integration. Calls-to-action include short codes, shortened URLs and QR codes, along with opt-in forms and auto-responders.

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