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RESTfm provides web services for FileMaker databases


FileMaker solutions provider, Goya Pty (, has announced their new web services product, RESTfm. It turns your FileMaker Server into a RESTful web service, so you can access your FileMaker Server databases via the web using a common REST architecture.

RESTfm supports full Create, Read, Update and Delete ( CRUD ) operations on FileMaker Server hosted data via standard HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods, according to Nicholas Orr of Goya Pty. It allows developers to build web-based systems that interact in simple standard ways with FileMaker Server, he adds. However, it also allows other FileMaker platforms like FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go clients to talk back to FileMaker Server via the web instead of needing to open special ports for access.

RESTfm is available for US$399 for a single FileMaker server license. Other licensing options, education and not for profit pricing is available on request.

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