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RationalPlan for Mac OS X gets new design


Stand By Soft has announced RationalPlan 4.0, an update to its project management suite for Mac OS X. The upgrade comes with a new design, a modern look and a more pleasant color scheme for the eye.

The main feature of RationalPlan is an embedded Project Guide that will get project managers through each step of the planning process, says Gabriel Toader, CEO at Stand By Soft. Version 4.0 comes with a major change in the file format. Although still compatible with the old .xrp file type the new version is using now two other formats .srp for the Single product and .mrp for the Multi product.

The integration with Microsoft Project was also improved so the data exchange between the two applications is done with less data loss. At the same time RationalPlan is now also available in Portuguese language.

This major upgrade is free for the clients that purchased their licenses within one year before the 4.0 release date. Clients older than one year can upgrade to the new version by paying US$17.10 for the single license version and $29.40 for the multi-license version. For new users the cost is $57 and $98, respectively.

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