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Final Cut Pro 7 eBook now available for free

Digital Heaven says the ebook, “Final Cut Pro Killer Secrets,” by Martin Baker is now available for free download. It’s available by request at .

The PDF eBook is packed with tips and time-saving techniques for the Final Cut Pro 7 editor. It also sports reference material and keyboard shortcuts. The ebook’s 10 chapters cover a comprehensive range of subjects including capturing, importing, editing, effects, audio and exporting.

“While the debate about Final Cut Pro X continues to rumble on, there are many thousands of editors continuing to do great work with earlier versions of Final Cut Pro,” says Baker. “As the last release of its generation, Final Cut Pro 7 contains a tremendous number of hidden features just waiting to be discovered and that’s where ‘Final Cut Pro Killer Secrets’ comes in.”

“Final Cut Pro Killer Secrets” joins freeware plug-ins such as grid, guides and widescreen safe area generators. Digital Heaven continues to offer its range of products for Final Cut Pro 7 and X including “Final Cut Pro X Unleashed” (US$14.99), a 300-page ebook.

Baker is the founder and managing director of Digital Heaven and was a broadcast editor for 13 years. His work with Final Cut Pro includes post production for the BBC and Channel 4.

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