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TeamAgenda TA-Sync now in the Mac App Store

Teamsoft has released TA-Sync in the Mac App Store for free. The synchronization software for Mac users allows bidirectional synchronization of data between TeamAgenda and iCal/Address Book.

TA-Syncpermits you to read the contents of your TeamAgenda Address Book and Calendar from your TeamAgenda 5.1 server, and add the data to your Address Book and iCal on your Mac, as well as add the data to your favorite PDA. After the synchronization is completed, the user can use the PDA’s address book and calendar, at any time, without being connected to the TeamAgenda Server. Changes made on the PDA will be propagated to the TeamAgenda server on the next synchronization.

This bidirectional synchronization uses the native calendar and address books of your PDA devices. If you prefer to use Taemsoft’s native iPhone TeamAgenda application (called iTeamAgenda), go to the Apple App store or iTunes, and search for iTeamAgenda.

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