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Cabinet is new cross-platform, Adobe Air app


Neenah Paper has introduced Cabinet for Desktop (, a cross-platform Adobe Air application created for Macs and PCs that provides users with a way to find, specify, compare and test paper for their projects.

Neenah Cabinet for Desktop demystifies, simplifies and advances the process of sampling, choosing, proofing and specifying the right paper, or combination of papers, for print projects of all kinds, giving users the essentials that will significantly impact their creative workflows, according to Thomas Wright, senior director of advertising and design for Neenah Paper.

He adds that it improves the creative workflow in five distinct areas: Designing (offering inspiration, favorites and ways to test and combine images); Finding (supplying continuously updated waterfalls and chips); Proofing (allowing users to upload or select an image and receive a Cabinet Personal Proof on physical paper in three business days); Specification (step-by-step project management and spec tools to help build and archive accurate quotes); and Sourcing (efficiently locating printers, finishers and paper sources, including specialty engraving and letterpress shops).

All of Neenah’s well-known papers are included in Cabinet, including the Classic brands, Environment, Esse, Eames and Sundance Papers, and dozens more. The application also allows non-Neenah brands to be specified as part of a job. Cabinet for Desktop and Cabinet for iPad (available at the Apple App Store) are both free.

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