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Hey, Apple, open up a store in my end of town


This is a totally selfish column, so feel free to move on if you wish. But I want Apple to open a retail store in my end of Nashville (that would be the north side).

Apple has a retail store in the west side of Music City in the Green Hills Mall. According to the daily newspaper, “The Tennesseean” ( another is planned for Williamson County, the next county over. When the doors open it will be only the third Apple Store in the state, but the second in Middle Tennessee. (The third one is in Memphis, TN.)

“An Apple Store at the mall in Nashville’s posh Green Hills neighborhood is often crowded with customers,” notes “The Tennessean.” “A nearby location in Franklin, also an affluent community, could help Apple reach a greater chunk of the demographic drawn to its pricey, pocket-sized inventions.”

A little condescending, perhaps. But there’s a demographic in the north side of Nashville and the adjoining Sumner County who wants a retail store with some of those “pricey” goodies.

May I suggest the Streets of Indian Lake in Hendersonville, Tennessee, which adjoins Nashville? It’s in a growing, affluent part of this region and one that’s not being served by an Apple retail store presently.

— Dennis Sellers

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