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AirStrap Med an iPad case for medical professionals


Griffin Technology ( has announced the US$89.99 AirStrap Med, a sanitizable case for iPad designed for easy use by medical personnel while caring for patients.

“AirStrap Med is the lightest, most versatile case we’ve ever designed, and it allows full control of the iPad’s amazing Multi-Touch screen even while wearing latex or nitrile gloves,” says J. Curtis, Griffin’s director of B2B Product Development. “We aim to help healthcare professionals focus on patient care while implementing the latest technology.”

Compatible with the iPad 2 and the new iPad, the AirStrap Med allows doctors and nurses to hold an iPad in one hand while they use it to view medical records, apps, x-rays and more. It was developed in collaboration with physicians and nurses.

A combination of ABS and TPE plastics, AirStrap Med is constructed as a lightweight, two-piece frame with built-in screen shield that closes securely around the tablet, sealing it, front, back, sides and touchscreen, from moisture and fluids. An adjustable shoulder strap allows users to carry the iPad with their hands free for other tasks.

The case’s non-porous, non-slip surfaces are sanitizable with industry-standard cleaning and sterilization products. Both shoulder strap and hand strap are detachable for cleaning, and can be adjusted to accommodate right- and left-handed users.

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